The White Monster

The White Monster

Shhh - 300I’ve completed my story for the upcoming edition of Amazing Paranormal Encounters, Volume 3, and must say that as I sat to write this story from my past I had no idea that it would open a “pandora’s box” of other memories. As some of these horrifying memories scaled the wall of time in my mind, I decided to reach out to some of my family members – sisters and cousins – to compare notes on the hauntings we had experienced on West Earle Street in Greenville, South Carolina when growing up. It was amazing that we all had similar experiences with only slight variations in some minor details. I will not do a preview of this particular story but I will tell you that it is very scary and even more so if you keep in your mind while reading that it is true.

Look for the book, Amazing Paranormal Encounters, Volume 3, from Stellium Books coming out in August!

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