The Lake…bittersweet love story coming soon.

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My new booK will be released soon. Warning: it is completely out of my wheelhouse of horror fiction. But if you enjoyed things like The Notebook, Bridges of Madison County or The Lake House then you will enjoy this read. You will cry. But you will love it. Below is an excerpt from “THE LAKE”

The old chair rocked slowly in peaceful motion across the wood slats of the dock, with a calmness alike the water. The brown stained wood was covered with knocks and scrapes from the almost twenty years of dragging it between the back porch and the dock, where it now sat. Camden Crawford sat in the chair, as he had so many evenings over the past eighteen years, slowly rocking as the wood creaked with its motion. It had become a vehicle, transporting him to memories of days gone by; some of them real…some of them completely invented by a longing in his heart. The soft wind of Lake George caused his long hair to dance, as he sat in his white V-neck t=shirt and faded Levi jeans. His worn field boots were on the dock, propelling the motion of the chair. He ran his fingertip along the roughened edge of the book, noting the tattered spots along the cover from years of opening and closing. The embossed front, barely legible from wear, was clear to his memory as he ran his fingers over it. Each worn spot brought back a different memory; memories just like this moment, where he sat reading and wondering. He closed the book, sat it in his lap gently, like a babe, and gazed across the lake. He sighed, as he wondered if she ever thought about him…and if she did was it at the same moments he thought of her.

2 thoughts on “The Lake…bittersweet love story coming soon.

  1. Cannot wait to get this book and read it! Just reading the excerpt from the book, The Lake, in my email, has me intrigued and I found myself there with Camden. Will definitely purchase this book!!


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