I have been writing for long time. And I want to preface this contemplation piece with this: I have never considered myself a brilliant writer. But I AM a brilliant story teller. It is my strength. Spinning stories in my mind and telling them.

The first short story I hammered out on my dad’s old IBM Selectric Type Writer was called “The Hollow” and was a horror piece about my friends and I finding a body in the woods at a creek in West Columbia. Very similar to Stephen King’s “The body” (which inspired the film “Stand by Me”) but mine was written six years earlier. that began my love for the written word. I wanted to be an author from that point on in my life and consumed every book that was inside my interest sphere that I was able to find.

Horror seemed to be my wheel house. I read every author I could find that wrote the genre. Stephen King and Dean Koontz were my favorite contemporary horror writers but my real favorites were Edgar Allen Poe and Guy Mauppasant. Those guys wrote the good stuff…the psychological horror that delved into the evil and disturbing places that the human mind could take you. One of my all time favorite writings was “The Tell Tale Heart,” by Poe. So I wrote horror. From short stories like “The Seventh Power,” which explored witchcraft to pieces like “Deadly Animation”, a piece about an artist who painted scenes depicting murder and terror that he committed in moments of being outsde of himself in schizophrenic moments. One of my favorite shorts that I wrote was a piece called “The Great Spaghetti Incident”, and was a high school story about bullying and how one boy suffered from it and handled it.


In 1995, I penned my first novel, co-authored with a very good friend from high school. And when I say “penned”, I really mean it; handwritten. We querried over 100 publishers, handwritten, and got enough rejection letters to wallpaper my kitchen. But an obscure publisher sent back a letter wanting to see the complete manuscript and we obliged and The Revelation became my first published novel. To be honest with you, it was terrible. The story was great. The characters were strong. But it wasn’t well written and is, perhaps, the worst thing I’ve ever written. But it got published and made me hungry.

A hiatis from writing occured following that because my sports publication took off and my career in sports television and radio along with it. I won’t go into great detail about that break but it afforded me the opportunity to do some journalistic writing for some national sports publications and it also allowed ideas for novels to continue to grow inside my mind.

Hauntings 1

In 2015, I decided that I wanted to write again. I was drawn to it and felt if I didn’t write down some of the ideas that had been brewing inside my head that I would explode. So, I sat down and wrote Hauntings 1: Piercing the Darkness. It was followed by two more Hauntings books based on the character, Ezra LeBarr, and they were well received. In fact, Hauntings 1 is still on the top seller charts on Amazon. Mixed in between the Hauntings books were some poetry (romantic) books, which also did quite well.

Last year, something happened to me inside in regards to what I was writing. As I reviewed the Hauntings Manuscripts and began work on another in the series, I realized that I wanted to be more as a writer. I wanted to write something that had some literary merit to it. I wanted to transcend genre’s. I don’t want to be considered a “horror writer” or a “romance writer” or any kind of term that would limit the things I can imagine and write about. I want to be a writer who is consided multi-genre. I began allowing myself to imagine storyline that came to mind and over and over again, a story that kept entering my thoughts was a love story that had an air of tragedy to it. The Lake was born in my head and I began writing it. I have to say that this is the best story that I’ve ever written.

Now, my dry erase board which looks like something out of out of Einsteins office except covered in words and thoughts rather than equations, is filled with ideas of romance, thrillers, horror and ficitional dramas based on non-fiction characters or events. I crave to write these things. I have trouble turning off thoughts about “the next story” constantly while I’m trying to write. And the desire for these things to be considred literary fiction is strong.

I suppose you could say that I’ve gone through a metamorphosis. The transormation from an immature form into a more mature creature with distinct chanages. I’m excited to see what comes from this.


One thought on “Metamorphosis

  1. You are a awesome writer,your books open up a world for us all to see,you touch the heart ,mind and soul painting a picture as if we was there.You in your self are another Edgar Allen Poe.Best wishes on your journey .

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