Time Is Racing By

CA43A961-4714-46C4-99C7-74C95E956C56Ok, time for some transparency, I suppose. I was driving through the blistering heat of Columbia, South Carolina earlier today and even with the air on inside the cab of the SUV, the backs of my legs were sweating against the leather of the seat. If you’re from elsewhere in the counry, let me just say this: In the Summer, South Carolina sweats like the mother of a bastard child at an Easter gathering. Anyway, as I was driving though this heat, I kept thinking “August” and it hit me: We are half-way through 2019 and I don’t know that I’ve accomplished the things I wanted to accomplish this year.

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions. I don’t like them. They make the gym crowded the first few month or so of a new year, without fail. But I do make a list of things that I’d like to accomplish throughout the year and try to mark them off as I get them done. Well, I am BEHIND! Here are the things I want to accomplish with the rest of this time that seems to be racing by me.

I wanted to finish THE LAKE and publish it. Well, that’s half done. It is finished. But I’ve held back on the publishing because one of my other goals was to get an Agent in 2019. Because I am patiently awaiting that, and I  have been contacted by a couple who I really like, I have held back on publishing the book for now. I believe it is too good to not get proper representation with the publishers and quite frankly, professional agents are better at that than I could ever be. So, for now, those two things are kind of out of my hands. I have told myself that if I have not secured an agent by November, I will publish it myself.

I want to finish the fourth book in the Hauntings series. Hauntings: Origin of Evil will be the best yet in that series. Just reading the opening scares the hell out of ME, and I’m the one who wrote it! So far, that is being worked on but not done. I should be able to accomplish that.

I decided that I am going to write a YA horror series. I actually didn’t just “decide” that, but I came up with a story idea and the more I ran with it in my head, the more it seemed appropriate for the YA market. Keep in mind, I’ve never written for the YA market before but just from making notes, writing a synopsis and a prologue have got me excited about this project. Will I be able to get it done in 2019? That is my goal. To have at least two serials of that series.

Personal stuff. I want to be a better person and try to practice humility without having to think about it. We live in a world with so much hate and division, I think it is important to try to let others k now you care about them as people and it’s not, nor should it be, what they can do for me. In fact, I think the bucket list should actually be about “Things I
Want To Do For Others Before I Die”.

Anyway, this is more of a rambling but I just wanted to share that time is precious. And the older we get the faster it seems to race by. Don’t let it get away from you.


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