New Projects, New Excitement

vampireSo, as I continue to test the waters in the agent river, I also have decided to diversify my market and move into a new frontier for me…graphic fiction. I have put together a tentative creative team for a comic series in the horror genre. I had a chat today with an amazing artist out of Canada and we discussed the project and are moving forward to make this project a reality.

I’ve been in contact with three different comic companies, one from the “big four” in the industry and have to say after looking at the work that is out there, I feel pretty good about this project. I won’t give a lot of details about it right now but let’s just say that it is horror/supernatural arena and if I had to compare it to anything that I’ve seen I would say it’s a blend of the Frogg Brothers from “The Lost Boys” and maybe “Supernatural”. If I had to give it a more accurate description I’d say (for those old enough to remember) it’s like the Hardee Boys meets Van Helsing with a major twist. The tentative names I’m playing with right now are “The Knight Crue” and “Otherworld”.

After discussing with my art director for the project, as well as a very good friend of mine (Greg Adams) who is a recently retired, bad-ass inker from Marval comics, I’ve decided that the first of the projects will be pitched as monthly serials, to be compiled in a collection also. The second of the projects will more than likely be a graphic novel format but spread out into three volumes per story.

Anyway, I’m excited about this project. I began my creative writing around 5 or 6 years old by cutting out comic characters from comic books (mostly DC) and scotch taping them and using them to play and write my own stories with them. (Yeh, I’m old enough that we didn’t have real action figures back then so I made my own). So this project brings back some memories for me. I will keep you update.

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