Buried alive but digging my way out

Placeholder ImageIt’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted anything and just wanted to say…I’m Ok. I’ve been buried in getting things done and I guess it is my own fault. Sometimes I think I can take on several projects at one time and when I do that, I often find myself obsessed so much in the writing that I lose track of time and everything else.

Polishing The Lake and awaiting “that call” from the agent saying YES. I have Hauntings: Origin of Evil I’m still trying to finish and decided to start this YA series that has now turned into a comic/graphic series. I finished the story and the synopsis for the first issue of Volume 1. All I can say is I love this story and the plotlines. The series is THE KNIGHT CRUE and Issue one is “The Immortals”. I’m working with an amazing artist and can’t wait to see the layout for this thing.

Otherwise, it is life day by day. Write, sleep a little, and write some more. Occasionally I will eat. I’ve noticed I’ve dropped a few pounds in the past couple of months and I really believe it is the writing schedule I am keeping.

Anyway, I’m still here, still writing and ready to deliver the next project to everyone.

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