The Great Labrynth

labrynth of my mindI am, of course, referring to my mind. It is a labrynth of sorts. I believe that it is the mind of a true attention deficit disorder, which produces a plethora of ideas that I sometimes think is meant to just frustrate me. As I am concnetrating on one project, the lives of the characters of another scream inside my head for attention. Anyone else have this problem? It is my firm believe that getting a book published is far easier than actually WRITING the book; or should I say FINISHING the book. Raise of hands of who has unfinished works sitting in the drawers of the desk or perhaps in a pile ON the desk? 

Prime example. I am in the process of finishing the 4th book in my Hauntings series, Hauntings: Origin of Evil. The thing is, I began this book prior to the start of writing The Lake, which came out in December. During the process of writing the Lake, an idea for a YA series hit me and I began jotting notes down for that one; as I did that, ANOTHER YA idea came to me about a speculative fantasy story that I actually wrote 25 years ago. And while developing the story arch for that and expanding the story, a vampire novel idea, unfinished, from 28 years ago, flooded over the wall of time in my mind and I decided to start developing that, as well.

So, is there any help for me? How do I manage these visions in my mind? When I look at them it is like a kaleidoscope…a contstant motion and ever changing view of the ideas and thoughts inside my head.

I suppose I should just get to it. I DO have work to do but sometimes I just need to vent some of these thoughts out.

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