Just Thinking Out Loud


0.0003973% of the United States population and 0.001628% of the world population has been confirmed having the Coronavirus. The morbidity is very low, only 9 hundredths of a percent higher than the common flu. There are only 1300 confirmed cases in America.

There are a half-million people in America that are homeless. FIFTY million Americans live below the poverty level.

Did you know the top ten killers of Americans in the United States ALL have a higher morbidity rate than the Coronavirus? That’s right, even the number 10 killer, Suicide, claims 0.0134% of the population each year.

How about child abuse? Did you know that approximately 5 children die every day in the Unites States from child abuse or neglect? 2.9 million cases are reported each year.

I’m not saying that the Coronavirus is not a health risk. I am saying that I believe the media has blown it way out or proportion (and I believe it is politically motivated but that is for another blog).

Imagine if the media, and WE as a community focused as much time and energy on these other issues as we have this coronavirus how much we could impact these other issues and how much better we could make things for mankind.

One thought on “Just Thinking Out Loud

  1. I believe it political as well..Just seen a article where China has closed their last hospital build to house the people with coronavirus..All are doing good and been released with no new cases..only in a few weeks..fast and furious..now gone..do make you wonder..coronavirus been out there just a new type..precautions of course, but as you stated so many others things out there that need attention as well..prayers for call..


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