Just Thinking Out Loud

jb 3The realization of one’s mortality is a transforming event.

Things change.

Those things that were important to you…financial success…status…pride…fear of failing; they all bow down to the face of death.

We live our mortal human lives every single day thinking we have something to lose…fighting to protect those things mentioned above but the truth is it is all just an illusion. We really don’t have anything to lose because there is nothing from this world we will be taking with us.

And THAT is what makes you understand the things that are really important.

I reflect and have to say the important things to me are love and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a tough one; it not only takes us back to a wound but it also takes us back to the source of that wound. But it is truly an act of compassion, a product of love while unforgiveness is toxic to love. We aren’t forgiving in order to forget; we are forgiving so that we may love.

Love, well, it is the single most important thing. We need to love others and care about them. Tell the people you love that you love them. And don’t text it or message it. Pick up the damn phone and call them. Or better yet, go see them. Tell them how important they are to you. Hug them. The simplicity of a soft human touch can say more than thousands of words ever can.

There are a few other things I’ve thought of that I think are important to me: going outside at night just to look at the moon; hearing the laughter of children; watching the fluttering wings of a butterfly; watching my dog chase bees; sitting in the grove of my yard and listening to the rustling of the leafs as the wind dances through the trees. There are thousands of things like this that are important to you when you think about not ever seeing them again.
No one wants to die. I can guarantee you that even those who are strongest in their belief they are going to heaven do not want to die to get there. But as for our mortal bodies, death is the final destination. No one escapes it.

So, spend more time with the people you love; don’t worry about anything; forgive; apologize; accomplish some things for you; work less; don’t care what others think; face your fears; and most importantly…

Live and Love in this moment; because honestly, this moment is all we are guaranteed.

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