Forever Evil

Monsters hide in the damnedest places. They lurk in the most unlikely of shadows with a patience that is unmatched and can span years, decades and even centuries. Evil is timeless and defies age. Cunning and quiet obscurity are the rules of the game. Little did I know how well these monsters play the game; how real and palpable they can become given the right circumstance and opportunity. It can happen in the blink of an eye in a split-second action to stir a sleeping monster whether it is accidental or purposeful. It matters not how care free ones life is, there can come a time when all of it can change so dramatically that it doesn’t even feel like you’re living the same life any longer. The burning of life can be a slow one, but a burning, none the less. For me, in hindsight, this ember reared its ugly head from time to time until it eventually manifested into a burning flame. It refused to be snuffed out and grew right under my nose. That quiet evil first revealed itself to me on a warm summer night in my grandparents home in 1971. I was but nine years old and my mind was not in a place to understand it all, and I just wanted to forget. That would prove to be more difficult than it should have. This is a story of monsters and rituals; of graves and faces forgotten. But most of all, it is about evil. And it is my story.

***I will eventually get my notes together and write this. It is a true story and the story about some dark family secrets. Unfortunately, it is behind a line of other projects I want to get done. I’m not sure if it is because I simply don’t like revisiting these memories or what…but it will be written…one day. 

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