Series To Watch During Quarentine

The Following
The Following

With the quarantine and everyone trying to pass time, watching series has become a thing. I’ve seen some very good series over the years so I thought I would compile my Top Five series…obviously, they may differ from yours and that’s fine. But reply with your favorite series or list of series.
1. The Following (3 seasons) – This was by far my favorite. I’m a big Kevin Bacon fan anyway, but this series, especially through season 2, kicked ass. Bacon was phenomenal as Special Agent Ryan Hardy and James Purefoy was fantastic as serial killer Joe Carroll. I highly recommend this series. The third season wasn’t as strong but it ended well and I’ve actually written a backstory for what happens beyond the third season.

2. Ozark (3 seasons) – Kick ass crime/drama series and Jason Bateman kills it. I was already a fan of Bateman but what he’s done in Ozark has put him in my Top Ten favorite actors. Julia Garner as Ruth (his assistant) steals a lot of scenes.
3. The Exorcist (Fox) – This is probably not a popular one on everyone’s list but because of what I write, this was great for me. I felt like season one was as good as any season 1 of any series but they got a little weak after that. The content, however, kept it going for me. Great acting job by Gena Davis and, in my opinion, Ben Daniels stole the freaking show as Father Marcus.

4. Invasion (ABC 2005) – A one hit wonder, this series was excellent as a sci-fi/horror series. Great cast with William Fichtner, Lisa Sheridan, Keri Matchett and Eddie Cibrian. This was really good production by Shaun Cassidy but it got canned by the networks because it “didn’t do as good as Lost”, which nothing did back then, AND it was set in Florida and was released in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Since the show began with the devastation of South Florida after a fictional hurricane, the timing just wasn’t good. I recommend watching a couple of episodes though on VUDU.

5. Walking Dead (AMC) – Still running, this has been a roller coaster ride for me as far as how good the series is or isn’t in any given season. The first couple of seasons were fantastic but it got bogged down just before the Neegan character appeared and really went “soap opera” on us. Only in recent weeks has it gotten back to the gruesomeness that made the show appealing to horror/sci fi fans originally. Incredible cast, especially in the early seasons. Jefferey Dean Morgan as Neegan has been my all-time favorite character in this series.

My Next Five
6. Dexter
7. Friday Night Lights
8. The Blacklist
9. Game of Thrones (I finally watched it – terrible in the later seasons)
10. Star Trek (original series – had to have it in there)

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