A Call For Common Sense

As we move into another week of a government imposed sheltered life, I wanted to, once again, express my thoughts on this entire situation. It is no secret that I’ve been vocal about how I believe we have overdone the “play it safe” with this current health threat. While I will concede that caution is a good thing in dealing with this situation, I will adamantly oppose the depths to which we have gone to under the veil of “protection”.

The restrictions we have imposed and the isolation we have created have and will come with great costs. Calls to suicide call lines are up 300%! THREE HUNDRED percent! I have a friend of mine who is a general manager of a beer/wine distribution company and he tells me their sales are up higher than they’ve been in the last two quarters. So, add to the potential suicide issue the problem of increased alcohol consumption which brings the word “addiction” into play. Small businesses are hurting and many of them may not recover from this. I’ve talked to many who have said they are going to have to shut down. People are fearing for their jobs. I have a friend who worked for a hospital providing a service that the hospitals decided are no longer essential and have fired he and the rest of his staff. There are many in the same boat. It is no wonder that the calls to suicide lines are up..

Think of the people who work at the places that have been deemed “non-essential”. Why? Why cannot those businesses open and operate under the same cautions that others are allowed? If Walmart, Lowes, Academy Sports and the small “dollar” stores are allowed to open and operate with space restrictions, then why can’t stores like Kohls and Rack Rooms and TJ Maxx and Ross? They could open with space restrictions and limiting the number of customers in a store, as well. Why can’t restaurants open with spaced seating and customer limits?

We CAN open our economy back up in a responsible and cautious manner. I understand that death is a terrible and tragic thing. But our media has completely blown this thing out of proportion and entities like the CDC and W.H.O. have created a fear that they have not done in other situations. It makes me, as well as many others, believe that this real health risk/threat has been taken advantage of and used as a political marker. They’ve skewed the numbers and hyped the bad stuff. Why do I say they’ve skewed the numbers? Because they are not telling us the cause of death in a lot of the deaths that are attributed to the COVID-19 virus. There are a multitude of comorbidities that have led to these deaths, yet they are all being attributed to COVID. Guess what? A guy who has a STEMI (ST Segment Myocardial Infarction) heart attack likely is going to die. If he tests positive for COVID guess what? It becomes a COVID casualty when the truth is that is NOT what killed him. yes, the numbers are skewed.

And, even WITH the numbers they are giving us, WHY have we been shut down? Sixty-one Thousand (61,000) people in the United States alone died from seasonal flu in 2018, despite a widely used vaccine. The media was virtually silent. There were no shutdowns. There were no stories about children dying, seniors dying, teens dying, 30-somethings dying, or middle aged dying. There were no stories that when you visited grandma at Thanksgiving or Christmas that you killed her with your germs. And they all died as part of that number. Seasonal flu is highly contagious with 45,000,000 US infections and 810,000 US hospitalizations. Yes, 810,000 hospitalizations with 61,000 deaths in just the 2018 flu season, yet no media stories about overstressed medical systems, hospitals or lack of PPE in 2018; no stories about moving 61,000 bodies by forklift to mass graves in 2018. Again, all the silence with all those sick and dead – despite a widely used “vaccine”. Yet we have had all of that with still only 19,000 deaths “attributed” to COVID. I say attributed; the actual wording they’ve used was “related to” COVID.

I’m not saying people should be forced to go to work or back out. If you are one who fears this thing stay home. If you are one who has a comorbidity that puts you at risk, stay home. But don’t force the businesses to completely close and don’t force those who want to live their life normal, albeit with a little more caution than before, to abide by imposed restrictions on our freedoms.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and those of you who know me know that I don’t care if you do or not. But I can tell you this and this is a fact: if we do not get this country and our economy back to at least a sense of some normalcy quickly, we may not have much to return to. I’m not asking for people to ignore this health risk, because it is real. I’m just calling for a little common sense.

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