Vampira: The Original Mistress of the Dark

The Vampira show ran for one season from 1954-1955 with 50’episodes, showing feature horror films. The show was only seen on an LA ABC affiliate and never syndicated. Unfortunately, it was filmed live and never taped with kinescope.

In the middle of a new blog article on Horror TV before cable and fascinated by Vampira, regarded as the first horror TV show. It was hosted by actress Maira Nurmi, who created the “Vampira” character herself. The wardrobe, her iconic dress, was modeled from cartoons in the New Yorker by Charles Adams, later adapted for the Adam’s Family on television. She created the sexier persona and was far different physically than Adam’s ghoulish wife.

After Nurmi refused to sel her character rights to ABC. Revival of the series in 1981 was attempted and when Nurmi quit the project, the station created the character “Elvira” and hired Cassandra Peterson to portray the new vamp hostess. Nurmi sued Peterson for stealing her character as the character Vampira was her intellectual property.

So now we know where Elvira got her groove.

Stay tuned for the entire article this week

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