Another Bizarre Dream

My dream from last night

Pushing my way through the dark, damp corridor, using my outstretched hands for vision beyond the few inches my eyes saw beyond my face, the screams echoed through the the air, the wet walls conducting the sound like a current of electricity in my ears.

The bodies were beginning to stack up and for the first time in weeks, there seemed to be more creatures than there were of us. My latest encounter with the demons was proof they could be destroyed. But it was not easy, beheading any kind of animal, especially these things which were in constant attack mode.

They didn’t move like zombies and zombies certainly didn’t feed like these suckers. They were meticulous about where they chose to dig in on their prey and it always seemed to be in an area of large vessels – the neck, the thighs at the femoral arteries….they were infinitely hungry and blood seemed to be their poison of choice.

As I came to the end of the hallway to the window, I could finally see outside. I watched as an unsuspecting couple parked their Volkswagen Beetle and went running inside the abandoned store across the street. I wondered for a moment where they were from; all of the safe zones were miles from here. And what the fuck were they doing? That store had been raped over days ago and it certainly would not suite as a sanctuary from the maulers. Whatever, it was not my concern. The car was about thirty yards from me. I assessed the path and figured I’d only have one or two of the creatures to deal with before I reached the Beetle. For a moment, I felt bad about steeling their transportation and standing them there in this feeding frenzy. But only or a moment, because I never heard the one approaching me from behind.

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