Series Review: 30 Coins

Father Vergara, an exorcist, boxer and ex-convict exiled to a remote town in Spain, enlists the help of the mayor and a veterinarian when a series of paranormal phenomena begins to occur. The exorcist has to take on the evil that is determined to collect all of the 30 coins that were paid to Judas Iscariot to betray Christ, giving unyielding power to whomever possesses them. 

Alex De la Iglesia continues to be a master of genre storytelling and his spin on this supernatural, theological thriller was superb. While there were some tropes native to this sub-genre, his original situations and twists made for a good ride. There were some elements of “soap opera” side plots but I tolerated them as they were relevant to some of the characters. 

The acting was good all around and Eduardo Fernandez was excellent as Father Vergara, fitting the template of a tough, seasoned man called for.  Megan Montaner was superb as Elana, the town’s veterinarian who joins Vergara in his fight against the evil. 

This movie is Spanish with English subtitles, but well worth the watch. There is brutal violence and bloodletting in this series and with 8 episodes. I binged the little over 8 hours in two days. 

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