Movie Review: Morbius

When I was a kid, I ordered the sea monkeys from the back of a comic book and waited patiently for them to arrive. When they finally got to me, I was so excited to tear into the package and quickly add water to create these new pets for myself. When I realized it was little more than some kind of funky water algae and NOT the family of sea monkeys I had anticipated, the disappointment was immense.

THAT was what it was like watching Morbius. Just no. The movie was terrible. What was it? Drama? Super Hero movie? Horror? I have no idea but it was none of those. Aside from some pretty nifty CGI, I saw nothing in this movie that made me glad they made it. There was plenty to make me sad I paid to see it. The writing was not good. I did enjoy the origin part of the screenplay but the story itself was juvenile and I was disappointed that, yet again, Hollywood had “pussified” the vampire, making them appear weak and romantic when they are supposed to be MONSTERS.

Maybe I expected too much, since I grew up a Morbius fan. But this movie did not look nor feel like a Marvel universe piece.

Jared Leto did a great job playing the part of Michael Morbius the scientist and the vampire. But even he couldn’t save Morbius the movie.

One thought on “Movie Review: Morbius

  1. Things are not always projected. You just reset and move on. Thank you for your realistic commentary… and, btw, I got those stupid sea monkeys as well. Know the feeling.


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