The Best Shark Movies Ever

As we head towards Summer, which for me means weekly trips to the beach, my mind always shifts to Sharks. Anyone who knows me will tell you of my fascination with these beautiful creatures. But for most, they create a silent fear that causes them to tremble and suffer paranoia grandeur when they step into the salty water.

So today, I wanted to review the Top Shark movies ever made. While I don’t consider shark movies to be “horror”, they cause as much terror as any of the great movies of the horror genre.

1. JAWS (1975) – The Godfather of all shark movies, this should be at the top of anyone’s shark movie list. I was 13 years old when this movie came out on 1975 and I didn’t go back in the ocean without fear for years. I was even terrified to swim in our pool at night. The beautiful thing about this movie and No 2 on the list is they were masterfully directed in a manner similar to Hitchcock and Carpenter. We rarely saw the “monster” but we were well aware of its menacing presence from the cinematography and musical score.

2. THE SHALLOWS (2016) – Blake Lively plays the part of a girl loving to surf and returns to a remote cove in Hawaii to surf the water that her recently deceased mother had surfed as a girl. However, there is a large great white in the cove and when the tide comes in, the monster is allowed to prowl the cove and hunt and terrorize Lively. Like Jaws, the cinematography was incredible and we were allowed to build up the monster in our own minds.

3. OPEN WATER (2004)- this was an interesting movie. Shot on video, giving it a “Blair Witch” feel, it follows a couple (Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis) who accidentally get left behind while partaking on a scuba outing, leaving them floating in the middle of the ocean and surrounded by sharks. The movie is based on the disappearance of Tom and Eileen Lonergan, who were left behind on a scuba trip on the Coral Sea by the Outer Edge Diving Company. It is a horrifying film shot up close.

4. DEEP BLUE SEA (1999) – 1999 thriller in which a motley crew stranded in a marine-biology lab are forced to match wits with sharks genetically engineered to be smarter than the average man-eater. We got to see a lot of this shark and there were some good jump scenes.

5. 47 METERS DOWN (2017) – two sisters on vacation in Mexico decide to have some excitement and add shark cage diving to their agenda. What they didn’t plan for was the cage line to break and have them fall 47 meters into the sea. Between them and the surface? You got it. A man eating shark. There were a lot of jump scenes in this movie and the shark was brutal.

6. THE MEG (2018) – it stars Jason Statham so you know it’s gonna be good action. The isolated biology research crew awakens a sleeping prehistoric Shark, a 75 foot Megalodon that reeks havoc on the team as they try to kill the beast. This movie had a lot more potential but the producer’s push for a PG-13 rating hurt it in some of the what could have been terrifying moments

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