Horror’s Most Formidable Villains

In horror, villains are kings. They rule the horror world and are the reason we flock to theaters (or subscribe to streaming devices) so we can watch them perform their evil, cruel, punishing Deeds and the more blood and screaming, the better.

In homage to the villains, here is my list of the most formidable villains in horror film history. I kind of went with the strength of the character in the story, the brutality and evilness, and the resilience of the character.

And let’s face it, this is just a small slice…the list of great villains is long and, because it is subjective to individual’s likes, I’m certain it varies among fans.

One note…you’ll see Chucky isn’t on the list. I realize there are a lot of Chucky fans but the truth is,l I’ve never been a fan. That’s the subjective thing on action.

1. Pazuza the demon from the Exorcist

2. Michael Meyers

3. Jason Vorhees

4. Leatherface

5. Jigsaw

6. Freddie Kruger

7. Candy man

8. Pennywise

9. Billy (Black Christmas)

10. Damien

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