Top 30 Definitive Stephen King Adaptations

Horror Franchises have been around as long as the horror genre has. With the first installments of Frankenstein and Dracula in 1931, followed by the Mummy and The Wolfman, horror movies spawned sequels and follow up movies creating franchises for each character or story. Hammer Films was masterful at creating these, producing nine Dracula films and seven Frankenstein movies. But one franchise that is often overlooked as even being a franchise is the works of Stephen King.

Stephen King’s novels and stories adapted to film is an entire horror franchise. We can go back to 1976 for the first, Carrie, to see how well King’s works would translate to film. The estimate is that there have been at least sixty films/television shows created from adaptations of his works. Here is the Top 30 Stephen King Adaptations, the top horror franchise in history, with commentary on the Top Ten.

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