Movie Review: Absentia (2011)


Two sisters deal with the disappearance of one ‘s husband. The wife declares him dead through Absentia after seven years and right after she does, he reappears. But something isn’t right with him. Oh, did I mention she was pregnant with another man’s child when he returns?

This was a dark movie with some creepy moments all through. A good mixture of psychological horror with some real horror and a real monster.

Despite a low budget, the acting in this was very good. And Flanagan was brilliant in using suspense and some sound effects to depict the monster, which we never really see. I heard Flanagan say in an interview that they were so low budget all they used for glimpses of the monster were a couple of twigs and a wig. Necessity breeds genius.

There were some real world themes in this like addiction, grief, religion all mixed up on the terrors.

I recommend this to horror fans, even the casual fan. This was Flanagan’s first full length film and shows his brilliance as a writer and director early on.

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