Movie Review: Firestarter

It pains me to bring you this news but the new Firestarter movie is an epic fail.

This will be brief, just like the movie. Yes, that’s right, an hour and thirty-four minutes and that’s counting credits. This felt like such a shell of a movie. Have you ever watched someone do Karaoke? Kind of a bad copy of a movie that wasn’t great anyway. This movie had zero character arc and honestly, how could it have in 94 minutes? They really made very little changes to the original. The opening scene about the lab and what they had done to the parents in experimental testing was good. But with no character development this thing struggled for air like a drowning man.

Zak Efron was not bad but, again, no development. Ryan Kiera Armstrong played Charlie, the Little girl with the Pyrokinetic powers and she was good in her role. I think the best performance and really the one role that had the most change from original was that of Rainwater, the assassin that was sent to retrieve Charlie for the government agency.

There were lots of good kills in this one and that was a bright spot if you enjoy watching human flesh burn, but that was about the only bright spot.

There were opportunities to run with some slight changes introduced but honestly, how would they do that in 94 minutes?

I don’t recommend paying at the theatre for this one. Wait on it to stream somewhere free or pay per view on a reduced price. Again, too short, no character arc and let’s be honest, not the best source material Stephen King has ever done.

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