james baxter officeJames Baxter is a published author and freelance journlist living in God’s country, the “deep south”  of the United States and is unique for working across so many media streams. He is a true polymath with his work as a publicist for horror film makers, multi-genre columnist, publisher in sports world, and a published author who’s work transcends multiple genre’s.

Long before the term “ghost hunter” was used in the mass media, Baxter was just that: the ghost hunter. Travelling the Carolina’s investigating the legends and tales of the paranormal, Baxter had various articles published on his findings, including the most famous in the Carolina’s, The Ghost of Alice Flagg.

In 1994 he co-authored the horror fiction novel “The Revelation”, an apocalyptic horror story set in Lexington, South Carolina, and in 1995 The Revelation was published by NPI Publishing. That same year, Baxter launched his own horror publication called “The Raven”, publishing tales from aspiring writers from around the country while he worked on the manuscript for a second novel, “Children of the Dark God.”

In 1996, he launched a sports publication called The Varsity Sports Journal and its presence on the internet helped it explode into success, putting his writing career on hold for the sports business. In the sports genre, he has been published in regional and national publications such as Deep South Recruiting, Super Prep, and Athlon Sports Magazine and has been a contributor in The Sporting News. He also hosts a sports television show and co-hosts sports radio show in South Carolina. In television, he has worked with ESPN and Fox, while radio has been with Fox and CBS sports.

Hauntings is Baxter’s revival of his original writing career and will be published as a series. This site is for the sharing of excerpts of his writings and a sneak peak at the “Hauntings” series.

Hauntings: Piercing the Darkness was released in September of 2016 and was within hours on the Best Seller list, with a four month running on the list and still remains there. It was followed with Hauntings: Interview With the Exorcist, and Simply Horror: Seeds of Nightmares.

QUOTE: “I like to think of myself as a storyteller, not limited by genre labels but, rather, transcending genre lines and even mixing the ingredients in the stories I tell.”

To contact, email jbaxter@sc.rr.com