Movie Review: Firestarter

It pains me to bring you this news but the new Firestarter movie is an epic fail. This will be brief, just like the movie. Yes, that’s right, an hour and thirty-four minutes and that’s counting credits. This felt like such a shell of a movie. Have you ever watched someone do Karaoke? Kind of … Continue reading Movie Review: Firestarter

Movie Review: Absentia (2011)

. Two sisters deal with the disappearance of one ‘s husband. The wife declares him dead through Absentia after seven years and right after she does, he reappears. But something isn’t right with him. Oh, did I mention she was pregnant with another man’s child when he returns? This was a dark movie with some … Continue reading Movie Review: Absentia (2011)

Mike Flanagan Breathing Life Into Works Of Poe

Very few horror fans become horror fans without, at some point, experiencing the masterful works of one of the greatest writers in American Literature, Edgar Allan Poe. Now, another master of Horror, writer/director Mike Flanigan (Haunting of Hillhouse, Midnight Mass), is taking on a project to revive the nostalgia of the weird macabre that is … Continue reading Mike Flanagan Breathing Life Into Works Of Poe

Top 30 Definitive Stephen King Adaptations

Horror Franchises have been around as long as the horror genre has. With the first installments of Frankenstein and Dracula in 1931, followed by the Mummy and The Wolfman, horror movies spawned sequels and follow up movies creating franchises for each character or story. Hammer Films was masterful at creating these, producing nine Dracula films … Continue reading Top 30 Definitive Stephen King Adaptations

James Wan Reboot Of Stephen King Classic Novel Set for Release

As if the release of Halloween Ends in October isn’t exciting enough, horror fans may get their a chilling prep in September eight the announced theatrical release of Salem’s Lot, a reboot of the 1979 mini series based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. With an outstanding cast working on the film in … Continue reading James Wan Reboot Of Stephen King Classic Novel Set for Release