Blood of Angels blurb and thoughts

“When you’re eighteen years old, the world is a terrifying place. Life rests in an awkward doldrum between adolescence and adulthood. It is difficult enough being a teen in this world and facing all the bullshit that comes with normal living. For Elijah and Isabella Knight, Eli and Izzy for short, however, the difficulty was magnified by the strange lifestyle they lived. There were times when they could hear the whispers, or perhaps screams, of childhood innocence fade away and life spread out before their eyes as they went out into a cruel, dangerous wilderness to face hideous monsters that most only see on movie screens and in their nightmares. Eli and Izzy were not now, nor had never been “normal”. At eighteen years old, the things about them that their parents, Jacob and Sarah Knight, had held secret, began to manifest and their lives changed forever. Elijah and Isabella Knight are the products of two realms…two dimensions merging; they are monster hunters. These are their stories.”

This is my first venture into the world of YA Fiction, but I’m very excited about this project. The characters are so unique and interesting and the exploration of the realms of good and evil with a foundation on theology and mythology makes this and adventure in what I call a “theological thriller.”

“I sung of Chaos and Eternal Night…” John Milton – Paradise Lost


Just Thinking Out Loud

jb 3The realization of one’s mortality is a transforming event.

Things change.

Those things that were important to you…financial success…status…pride…fear of failing; they all bow down to the face of death.

We live our mortal human lives every single day thinking we have something to lose…fighting to protect those things mentioned above but the truth is it is all just an illusion. We really don’t have anything to lose because there is nothing from this world we will be taking with us.

And THAT is what makes you understand the things that are really important.

I reflect and have to say the important things to me are love and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a tough one; it not only takes us back to a wound but it also takes us back to the source of that wound. But it is truly an act of compassion, a product of love while unforgiveness is toxic to love. We aren’t forgiving in order to forget; we are forgiving so that we may love.

Love, well, it is the single most important thing. We need to love others and care about them. Tell the people you love that you love them. And don’t text it or message it. Pick up the damn phone and call them. Or better yet, go see them. Tell them how important they are to you. Hug them. The simplicity of a soft human touch can say more than thousands of words ever can.

There are a few other things I’ve thought of that I think are important to me: going outside at night just to look at the moon; hearing the laughter of children; watching the fluttering wings of a butterfly; watching my dog chase bees; sitting in the grove of my yard and listening to the rustling of the leafs as the wind dances through the trees. There are thousands of things like this that are important to you when you think about not ever seeing them again.
No one wants to die. I can guarantee you that even those who are strongest in their belief they are going to heaven do not want to die to get there. But as for our mortal bodies, death is the final destination. No one escapes it.

So, spend more time with the people you love; don’t worry about anything; forgive; apologize; accomplish some things for you; work less; don’t care what others think; face your fears; and most importantly…

Live and Love in this moment; because honestly, this moment is all we are guaranteed.

Just Thinking Out Loud


0.0003973% of the United States population and 0.001628% of the world population has been confirmed having the Coronavirus. The morbidity is very low, only 9 hundredths of a percent higher than the common flu. There are only 1300 confirmed cases in America.

There are a half-million people in America that are homeless. FIFTY million Americans live below the poverty level.

Did you know the top ten killers of Americans in the United States ALL have a higher morbidity rate than the Coronavirus? That’s right, even the number 10 killer, Suicide, claims 0.0134% of the population each year.

How about child abuse? Did you know that approximately 5 children die every day in the Unites States from child abuse or neglect? 2.9 million cases are reported each year.

I’m not saying that the Coronavirus is not a health risk. I am saying that I believe the media has blown it way out or proportion (and I believe it is politically motivated but that is for another blog).

Imagine if the media, and WE as a community focused as much time and energy on these other issues as we have this coronavirus how much we could impact these other issues and how much better we could make things for mankind.

The Great Labrynth

labrynth of my mindI am, of course, referring to my mind. It is a labrynth of sorts. I believe that it is the mind of a true attention deficit disorder, which produces a plethora of ideas that I sometimes think is meant to just frustrate me. As I am concnetrating on one project, the lives of the characters of another scream inside my head for attention. Anyone else have this problem? It is my firm believe that getting a book published is far easier than actually WRITING the book; or should I say FINISHING the book. Raise of hands of who has unfinished works sitting in the drawers of the desk or perhaps in a pile ON the desk? 

Prime example. I am in the process of finishing the 4th book in my Hauntings series, Hauntings: Origin of Evil. The thing is, I began this book prior to the start of writing The Lake, which came out in December. During the process of writing the Lake, an idea for a YA series hit me and I began jotting notes down for that one; as I did that, ANOTHER YA idea came to me about a speculative fantasy story that I actually wrote 25 years ago. And while developing the story arch for that and expanding the story, a vampire novel idea, unfinished, from 28 years ago, flooded over the wall of time in my mind and I decided to start developing that, as well.

So, is there any help for me? How do I manage these visions in my mind? When I look at them it is like a kaleidoscope…a contstant motion and ever changing view of the ideas and thoughts inside my head.

I suppose I should just get to it. I DO have work to do but sometimes I just need to vent some of these thoughts out.

Hauntings 4: Origin of Evil coming

OOE Possible coverOrigin of Evil looks to be the scariest yet in the Haunting series. Ezra LeBarr travels to New Orleans where a monistary has come under demonic attack. Experience all of the mysterious lore of witchcraft, voo doo, ghosts and, yes, the devil himself, as Ezra explores the the darkest parts of New Orleans and the surrounding bayou. And look for the introduction to a new character to the series who has been in folklore for hundreds of years.

The Lake is out on Amazon!

The long awaited release of The Lake has finally come.

Imagine falling in love with the one you are supposed to be with…at the wrong time. Imagine watching this soul that was made for you from a distance…for eighteen years…watching their life unfold…as time passes by…unable to speak to them…unable to touch them…unable to even let them know you are there.

A bittersweet tale of lingering memories…of love…and forsaken possibilities.

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“The Lake” is out and available in Kindle AND Paperback. Links below:



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