My Favorite Places

This is the place where I will be placing links to my favorite websites of other authors/poets. There are so many brilliant artists out there who are all inspiring.


NICOLE LYONS: Nicole Lyons is the creator of The Lithium Chronicles, the popular Facebook page that brings awareness to mental illness and support to those who need it. She is also an inspiring poet with a page Nicole Lyons Poetry on Facebook.

Her blogpage can be seen on the website here. 

Follow her on Instagram @NicoleLyonsPoetry

S.L. HEATON: Another thought provoking wordsmith, she will leave her musings lingering in your mind after touching your heart and soul. Great artist.

Her blogpage can be seen on Facebook at S.L. Heaton @Agirlandherwords

Follow her on Instagram @deprisscious_s.l._heaton


LL MUSINGS: LL’s words will flow right through your eyes into your soul. She has an incredible command of communicating provocative thoughts. Giver her page a look.

on facebook LL MUSINGS

Follow her on Instagram @LLMUSINGS


CHRISTOPHER POINDEXTER: Christopher is another phenomenal writer who has been inspirational in my poetry writing. He has a great page on Facebook and you can follow him on Instagram @christopherpoindexter

MICHAEL XAVIER: Michael is an author who’s work impressed me. He’s got an interesting collection of Free Verse poetry that is inspirational. Check him out his Facebook Page

HORROR.ORG: If you are into horror, this is the place to go. The Horror Writers Association.