Movie Review: Life

I watched the Sci-Fi movie “Life” this week and, yes, I know it is a 2017 movie but in my defense, I’m not the biggest “sci-fi alien” movie fan so I don’t always rush to the theatres when these things come out. A crew of scientists are aboard the International Space Station, just outside the … Continue reading Movie Review: Life

Movie Review: Blood

I had an opportunity to watch Brad Anderson’s Blood this weekend and have some mixed feelings as to how good or bad it was. Trailers and reviews will lead you to believe this is just another angle at a vampire movie but honestly, this is NOT a vampire movie at all. Jess, a mother who … Continue reading Movie Review: Blood

Mike Flanagan Breathing Life Into Works Of Poe

Very few horror fans become horror fans without, at some point, experiencing the masterful works of one of the greatest writers in American Literature, Edgar Allan Poe. Now, another master of Horror, writer/director Mike Flanigan (Haunting of Hillhouse, Midnight Mass), is taking on a project to revive the nostalgia of the weird macabre that is … Continue reading Mike Flanagan Breathing Life Into Works Of Poe