Hauntings: A Christmas Nightmare

hAUNTINGS A CHRISTMAS NIGHTMARE NEW - press releaseOur greatest danger…my greatest fear…is that the devil will, one day, convince the world that he is not real.After conjuring a malevelont force while trying to communicate with her deceased mother, a young girl brings her family under demonic seige at Christmas. Exorcist Ezra Lebarr is called upon, once again, to battle the evil dark forces and send them back to the hell from which they came.

Ezra LeBarr is at it again in this great story that predates the Hauntings 1 book.  This is not a “prequel” so whether you have read Hauntings 1: Piercing the Darkness or not, reading this book will not make a difference in any events taking place with Ezra Lebarr after this case.


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