Movie Review: The Wretched

I’ve always been fascinated by witch lore, though I’ve never understood their motivation. I did a good bit of research when I wrote my second Hauntings book, “Witches of Essex” and learned quite a bit. This week, I used some of my down time to watch “The Wretched”, written and directed by Brett and Drew pierce. It is an so for film that had huge, unexpected success during COVID. 

So, a teenaged boy who is struggling with his parents divorce and showing out as a delinquent is sent to stay with his dad in a resort town. In the vein of 80s horror, most of the protagonists are the sex-crazed and beer drinking teens. While there, he discovers there is a witch next door who has done something with the neighbors and is posing as one of them. 

No one in this movie is going to win an Oscar, but I have to say that Zarah Mahler, who played the neighbor mom, is a definite consideration for the modern day scream Queen category. 

The horror element of this movie was very good. A combination of two different witch urban legends combined with some original twists by the Pierce brothers made this a good watch. I personally like the element of the Boo Hag witch they blended in to this. A “Boo Hag” inspired novel is actually on my writing block right now so I enjoyed the film. 

I’d like to have seen a little more backstory on the witch and possibly something that shined some light on her motivation other than just moving from victim to victim’s bodies for survival. 

Overall, great script and well developed horror element. Bravo, Pierce brothers! 

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